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Enjoying the #ridevibes today. Been awhile since I rode without a destination.

Released: Rapha AW14 & City Collection

I’m doing a shit job of keeping up with what’s being released lately, but that’s nothing nieuw. Rapha threw a bunch of fresh products and colorways at us for the Autumn/Winter season, which is also nothing nieuw. Here are some of my standouts:

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Rule #31
// Spare tubes, multi-tools and repair kits should be stored in jersey pockets.

If absolutely necessary, in a converted bidon in a cage on bike.


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Rapha Continental Festka

Ooooo! I approve this message.

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That’s a RAP - 3 Gorges done and we only lost one rider.. #what_were_you_doing_this_morning #pro_muppets #rapha_tow_rope

F********k, ‘dem B&W Empires tho!

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This is cool and all, but only if you’re into Firefly, ENVE, and Campy…



Cycling has this habit of introducing you to amazing new people.  

What a lovely thought, so true, most of my enduring friendships have been forged in the furnace of sweat, effort, kilometres and smiles.

These pics tho.

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With snow on the ground and 25˚ temps, dusty and hot looks amazing.

First Look: Rapha Winter City Riding Socks

I have an unhealthy addiction to socks. No seriously, I have A LOT of socks. This addiction started when I hitched a ride on the bike industry train. For better or worse (mostly worse), I still have a bunch of those ancient feet sheaths.

Luckily, most company’s sock games have been elevated beyond their kitschy pasts producing some sweet nieuw designs. Rapha’s Winter City Riding Socks ($25USD) are one such example of de nieuw

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First Look: Rapha Long Sleeve Jersey

Nieuw but not new is Rapha’s Long Sleeve Jersey ($220USD). Dismissive Boredom would say it’s simply a LS version of the venerable Classic Jersey. However, that’s not entirely true.

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