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Mario Cipollini being Mario Cipollini, Stage 16, ‘98 Giro

These days, the perilously fine line of tolerance would admonish Cipo’s antics. F**k vanilla (not the bikes), and f**k everyone’s insatiable desire voor mediocrity.

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Mario is #altelefono with his lawyer.

The fact that this is news to people is hilarious.

First, Cipo brawl. Then Cipo talk with authorities. Vuelta a España 2000

MOAR MARIO!! Inbound link to Rainbow Bright Mario from @Velominati points me back to this gem. Ahh, the digital circle of life.


I need this kit.

Cipo rocking the UCI Coupe du Monde with a matchy/remix Aqua & Sapone kit. And that hairnet. So class.

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The Line King


ATTENZIONE: Al telefono Mario Cipollini!

Quick mock-up in honor of today’s epic phone conversation with the Lion King.


Champagne’s for bitches. Give me a motherfucking Antipasto Platter!

So baller. Cipo at the height of his powers.

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Eff-yeah Cipo! As per request: one Mario on Saeco on a Moser. Boom.

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