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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Peloton: The Movie?! What is wrong with people?

Cannot believe I didn’t do this first. Brilliant. “The World According to Cycling Fans” Via: Cycling Inquisition

Otto & I are sharing a bag. 2.5 days in San Diego with a short trip to LA

Love this. Seriously.

+10 points for completing this. The Fred or PRO Test by @Fred_or_Pro

Yep, that’s about right. Except I don’t have that sweater. Or couch. Or kitchen bar… Via: @JohnProlly


Oregon Handmade Show

Love, love, love.

(via ilovebicycles)

For the ladies: Here’s the rear end to the road season. Did I say rear? I meant real. Wow…

Via: @fyxomatosis


Tour de France pattern by Yegor Legkov

This is good. I approve.


Hyattsville CX 2011. Risk vs. Reward.

Too much freaking fun. The UCI needs to get a grip on these crazies.

Hahaha!! Someone wants to tap the Bottle and twist his cap! Love the font, too.

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