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So many feels. #ilpirata

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The Curious Case of Remembering Marco Pantani

I’m not entirely sure what this post is even for. Perhaps it’s my own form of therapy or catharsis. In the past I had created commemorative graphics but this year I wasn’t planning anything. However, as the anniversary of Marco Pantani’s death approached, the negative/positive/middle-of-the-road chatter increased. What’s been interesting is the rise in intensity on all sides. The anger has been acutely vile. The love, more blind. And the fence-sitters feeling the effects of attempting to balance them both. I simply couldn’t ignore it any longer—Pantani has become the unofficial figurehead of coming to terms with cycling’s doping past and present.

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Fisheye Pirata.

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I miss my 120 pound Italian doper.



Bugno and Pantani in two of the best jerseys of that period.


Marco Pantani and the Tour de France part 1


Top-fuel racing machines. ‘97 TdF was an unmitigated EPO-fest. And it was beautiful.


Marco Pantani Alpe d’Huez 1997 Rare Interview

3 Things About This:

  1. Marco’s Smile: his personality shines through here. Makes his passing even more poignant.
  2. The GAN Team reactions: WTF were they doing on stage?!
  3. The SPEED: Compare how fast these pudding-blooded EPO monsters were flying up L’Alpe to today’s Giro Stelvio slog.


Seen this @Cycleboredom?

Giro in 9 days…

Shock and awe. Marco singing during his Carrera jeans kit days. Wow.


Ahh, 1999. When men were men, contenders didn’t wait for Maglia Rosa who flatted, Mercatone Uno ran lead-out train on final climbs, Jaja and the Team ONCE boys rode 26-inch wheels, and Gotti, Il Falco, Simoni all got blown out the back by 120 Lbs. Pantani running on 60% hematocrit.

I will reblog this. Every. Single. Time.

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