Gaap to Meeusen (right) starting to grow on the first lap. Niels Albert begins the chase behind Julien. Just chilling with Sven, Kevin, and Niels—NBD. Niels kindly asks K-Pauw to pull the f*** through and work. Not so Nys—Sven, moments after a crash-saving dab. Eff-yeah situational awareness. Also, tactical nous. Niels was perhaps blindsided by an incredibly strong Taramarcaz and a resurgent Pauwels. Nys move bro. Not the winning one, but still Nys nevertheless.


Getting straight to the point, HOLY S*** JULIEN TARAMARCAZ!! The BMC MTBer has been sniffing around the lead groep all season, but this was different. Julien went to the front on the first lap and got a huge gap. Then, after the inevitable Niels Albert catch, he stayed right there all the way through until the last moments of the LAATSTE RONDE.

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