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FreshMeat: the @lazersport Z1. #whatimriding // So stoked to finally test this beast! #Afterbike (at Cycleboredom Wereld Headquarters)

FreshMeat: @bernunlimited Allston. #whatimriding // I’ve featured the Allston here before, but there’s a secret improvement on this one, and another to come in 2015. Details soon. (at Cycleboredom Wereld Headquarters)

Next level fuggin’ sweet. Hyper-Italian @colnagoworld C60 with @campagnolosrl Super Record EPS on some throwback @envecomposites. #intheshop

Put @madalchemy on for the commute this AM, but not *that* Mad Alchemy. Although, that’s coming soon…


Not much going on. you know just having a mellow sun….oh then this Repost from @taticycles happened. —- #halp

WTFFFFF?!?!??? #FrankenX

(via alter-grafx)

Had to break out this bici today. It had been a minute. #gtgtb #commutevibes #savethetrackbike

2 days late #steezmix: black & pink & black & pink & black & pink! // @rapha @rapha_n_america @sean_sako #commutevibes

Interbike Microdose: Chrome Warm™ Work Shirt

Nonstop party at the Chrome Industries booth as they try to show me their nieuw Warm Work Shirt. #Afterbike

More videos: Cycleboredom Vimeo

Today’s sock/shoe combo. Making heads turn. #sockdoping @sean_sako @rapha @vans

When a Colnago gets fitted for a suit, it definitely doesn’t go to Men’s Wearhouse, it hits up Tony Soprano’s tailor.

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