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Today’s #steezmix #colorgrid was all over the place: @sean_sako, @lazersport, @rapha, @girocycling. #whatimriding

Had so much love voor de YETI A.R.C. Still do. #alltheringlé


Dialing in the new CX bike.

'Dat bici tho.

De nieuw norm is blocked. Legs no werk. @sean_sako socks werk tho. So does sweet tea.

I CAN HAZ MOAR SPEED?! Jack Bauer doing whatever it takes to stop those drone attac… 

Tweet: Peloton Mag/Le Tour

First Sunday in months where it wasn’t sunny and perfect. Despite this egregious affront to my long ride home, I still haz enjoy. // #steezmix: @cafeducycliste_style, @swrve_la, @louisgarneau, @spyoptic. #whatimriding

Yep, I have a problem. @swiftwicksocks Sustain in Fours and Sevens. #whatimriding #allthesocks

Yesterday’s #steezmix: @searchandstate S2-R Jersey, @assosofswitzerland Equipe Bibs, @nicelaundry Socks, @rapha Grand Tour Shoes. #whatimriding

Xtracycle Edgerunner: the Nissan Armada of bikes. Or is it an Escalade? AMC Eagle? Eh, who cares—SUVs suck.

Look kids, Big Ben, Parliment. (at The White House)

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