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Head of the race. @lemondbikes #headbadgesofinstagram #intheshop

Digging in the crates. Leftovers from the Mel Pinto days. #specialitesTA #intheshop

What I’m Riding: swrve Durable Cotton Cigarette Shorts

Shorts That Live up to the Daily Demands of Commuter/Messenger Life

Summer in the DMV (District/Maryland/Virginia) demands short pants. Unfortunately, those who can’t/won’t/don’t pay attention to the style changes in short pants are doomed to repeat themselves, year after year, ad nauseam. Clarendon #brosteez demands brown flippy-floppies accompanying the shapeless, flapping man-skirts known as cargo shorts. Granted, some of them do pay attention to the outside world. And while some of those choices are quite fashionable (although that salmon color is done), none of them are fit for riding a bike. What does one do if they live the #bikelife and need a proper commuter or messenger short that works like spandex but ain’t?

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For @followadam. #blackshoephobia (at Cycleboredom Wereld Headquarters)

Laatste nacht’s trunk/boot cam. Oh it heavy, but it ain’t *feel* heavy. // @timbuk2, @freitaglab, @ergonbike, @clementcycling (at Arlington Backcountry)

Had to get my hands on a @trekbikes Boone and @revcycles kindly obliged. Katie & Sven got themselves a nice whip. #intheshop

Haven’t always been a fan of the @giantbikes TCX, but this ‘15 TCX SLR 2 w/ de nieuw 5800 105 is zeer steezy. Probably the Vanderholeshot effect. #intheshop

"V" is for #verysteezy. @Speedvagen_PDX / Vanilla dropouts are muy famoso. #intheshop #thedetails

Drove the SUV into work today. Windows down, listening to the hum of the road. 😂 #xtracycle FTW! #bikedc (at Francis Scott Key Bridge)

Late nacht espresso met de Kannibaal. Sweet espresso cup from @cyclingsouvenirs. (at Cycleboredom Wereld Headquarters)

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