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Spotted: digging this @miir High 5 Mixte. MiiR is an interesting “bike” company—worth checking them out. (at House of Sweden)

Another from Monday’s ride. Shade from the trees is growing. The transformation from brown and sparse to green and lush is swift. I notice these things every year, but after this winter I appreciate it more than ever.

One of my favorite sections of the C&O is where the towpath becomes a narrow ridge between the fast moving (at that point) Potomac and the placid canal. One wrong move and you’re working on your swimming skills. Also, apparently I’ve lost enough weight that the @Rapha LS Pro Team Jersey is getting baggy.

All in. The @iamspecialized Romin Evo Expert for all my road and CX bikes. #whatimriding

Philippe Gilbert Wins Amstel Gold 2014 

Not gonna lie, it was awesome to see this guy finally put together a winning effort after a pretty epic dry spell after a pretty epic year. Although, how many times is he gonna win on this berg?! Time to dub it the Philberg? ‘Cuz the Gilbertberg doesn’t really work all that well. Also, BMC looking like a fuggin’ team again today. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN THE PAST FEW YEARS?!

Source: Steephill/Sirotti

Correct (okay, maybe not the *brand* of replacement but he’s running Veloflex Arenbergs). #intheshop

Spotted (again): elite balleur status @veloTIME ZXRS. #intheshop

One of my favorite shirts. Finally got one. @embrocycling x G&D mashup.

Playing with the @ridecannondale Synapse Disc 5 105. Throw on some larger tires and this thing would be a monster! #intheshop

SAD TROMBONE KLAXXXON!! @colnagoworld #intheshop

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