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Yesterday: I live for these chill #summerfeel late afternoons. And yes, that’s a unicorn wearing a washcloth like a cape.😂 #dadlife (at Arlington Backcountry)

MailDrop: Oh hai, @ridepdw. (at Cycleboredom Wereld Headquarters)

Save the track b… Wait, WTF IS THAT?! Other than a death-trap, of course (‘dat fork!). #savethetrackbike

Scapin S8 #thedetails

Shortened 20 miles w/ some hills #steezmix: @velocioapparel Jersey/Bibs w/ matching @nicelaundry Socks, @rotheracycling Cap, @lazersport Helium. // Enjoying the fit and feel of the Velicio kit. Lightweight, but still provides strong compression. N/L socks are hella long, but if you don’t yank on them, they stay UCI compliant. (at Arlington Backcountry)

I’m just gonna leave this right here… 

Haaaaa, no I’m not! Riis’ top-fuel, 60% effort obviously takes top billing, however Leblanc was a surprise. But, considering he was on Festina it’s not *that* much of a surprise. Those still clinging to the myth of Indurain’s giant lungs powering his lumbering (in comparison to actual climbers) mass up mountainsides probably shouldn’t look. Interestingly enough, Armstrong didn’t even crack the top 10.

Nibali’s 2014 effort creeps into the frame at 26th. Does this prove he’s doping? No, but it’s interesting to note. Because #pseudoscience.

Tweet: @aslongasicycle

FreshMeat: @phormcycling S/310 Max Fitness Saddle. Designed by @Ergonbike #whatimriding // Straddling the fence between touring and racing saddles, the S/310 Max provides comfort while maintaining a narrower overall design. (at Cycleboredom Wereld Headquarters)

Today’s #steezmix #colorgrid was all over the place: @sean_sako, @lazersport, @rapha, @girocycling. #whatimriding

Had so much love voor de YETI A.R.C. Still do. #alltheringlé


Dialing in the new CX bike.

'Dat bici tho.

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